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    The only thing I liked about this school were two teachers. Only two out of the entire staff! Attending this school and living in the town were the worst experiences of my life. The people are terrible! Everything is so clique-y. If you didn't have the right last name, you were shamed. If you didn't wear certain brands or follow the "in styles", you were shamed. If you had a stupid "crush" on someone, you were harassed. If your appearance wasn't "acceptable", you were harassed. Differences aren't accepted. The small town mentality is strong. The no bullying policy at the school is complete garbage. It's never followed, even some faculty members are bullies. Also, nothing is ever done about it. And the town? There are GROWN ADULTS that make and spread rumours about THIRTEEN year old girls. There are GROWN ADULTS that don't act even semi-close to the way adults should act. They're like their kids in grown-up bodies. They're just as clique-y, judgemental, and full of themselves. If your child's self esteem, self worth, and self image, are important to you, stay far away from Macklin, Saskatchewan. Side note: for you very few decent human beings (adult or not), I send my condolences and GOODLUCK. Glad I got out when I did. (:
    By Jade Reiter, 30-03-2018
  • We wish to send a huge thank you to Cottage & Country Realty Ltd. The search for our first house was extensive, but you stuck with us every step of the way! We had a very specific neighborhood in mind that required patience and having your support made things easier. We truly had wrap around support from everyone at Cottage & Country Realty Ltd and now we are HOMEOWNERS! From all of us, thank you again for being there. Bobbi, Justin & Bocephus
    By Bobbi Gelsinger, 30-03-2018
  • Five stars are not enough for the help and advice that we received from Blair when we decided to move to Saskatoon. She helped us with our search, made us feel like we were her top priority. We were out of province, already working on a tight timeline and had a family tragedy right in the middle of it all. Blair and her team worked diligently to make our deal go through on time and made us feel like we mattered. More than just a real estate agent! She is professional, personal and caring about her clients and the city she represents. Thank you Blair, for everything!
    By Tammy Wyatt, 27-03-2018

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