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  • Amazing project, this us a great opportunity for people looking to live in Montreal in a condo with just a few neighbours, this project has big modern apartments and just a few condos in it.
    By Eduardo Ponce de Leon, 28-03-2018
  • Beautiful bright commercial lofts. Gym, co-working spaces on the ground floor make this building a good place to rent a space. However customer service could do a better job at returning calls/emails.
    By Marieve Lacelle, 28-03-2018
  • I work at Cangaroo since October 2017. As a human resources professional, I constantly use our HR software. We sell an HRIS, an ATS and a Time Management Solution. As you can imagine, because we are a group insurance and annuities broker, we have a very good benefits plan. Unlimited vacation, flexible hours, the possibility to work remotely... all these conditions give me more free time to spend with my family and friends. I have developed a very good relationship with the team in a very short time. People are passionate and happy to be there. I recommend Cangaroo to anyone who would like to contribute in a growing startup who’s taking good care of their employees.
    By Marianne Lemay Thibaudeau, 28-03-2018

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