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    .waited 25 min in line.then the teller could barely speak english and i had to repeat my self over and over..he would shake his head yes then get it wrong.i would repeat again ,he'd shake his head yes and get it wrong again. over and over every transaction was the same..
    By hot rod daddy, 30-03-2018
  • In a time where i was lost and grieving they helped me out they did a wonderful job on my fathers funeral they made it look like he put it together himself and they answered every question i could have come up with not to mention they let me say goodbye for as long as i needed. when they picked my father up from our house they were kind they let the book i wanted to go with him go and allowed me to watch the process of wrapping and carrying him out as morbid as that is i needed to so i could understand and except his passing and didn't cover his face till i was okay with it which really helped my heart heal i will always use cropo for my family because they know the importance of family and saying goodbye.
    By caseyuya, 30-03-2018
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    I have recently had an extrememly poor if not awful experience wiht this agency. In December I booked a trip to Mexico with travel agent, Yvonne Bullis. Right from the beginning I was not happy with the service or lack there of it I received from Yvonne. My gut told me to deal with a different agent before I booked but I kept using her because she had started our vacation search for us. Right from the begining she was sending me information for resorts in locations I was not interesed in. I told her very specifically I wanted Myian Riveria and she was sending info for resorts on the other coast. She was slow to respond to phone calls and emails. We booked with Adventura Spa Palace for Feb 2 - 9, 2013 on her recommendation. Prior to booking I asked her to contact the resort to see if there was a buggy/golf cart system of transportation available because I have a disability and have trouble walking great distances. She claimed she contaccted them and they said they had transportation. It turns out there was transportation between the adult side (SPA) and family side (Cove) lobby and that was it. No room to room transport as I specifically requested. In addition resort as filled with stairs. From the main beach one had to go up at least 4-5 sets of stairs to the nearest washroom. While booking our vacation Yvonne reported the wrong date of birth for me to Sunwing. I asked her to have that correct which she did eventually. She also stated my husband did not have to worry about updating his passport which was due to expire within six months. The Canada passport site strongly recommends to renew before going to Mexico. Yvonne claimed you only needed this for international travel. Silly me I though Mexico was international travel. Immediately upon our return I emailed Yvonne to say I had concerns with our vacation specifically the resort and Sunwing. On Sunday I emailed a letter of complaint directly to her and asked she contact me immediatly on Monday morning. It was well past 11 AM before I heard from her. She stated she was busy because of the weekend storm. Which is fair. Then she claimed she couldn't open my attachment in my email. COuld I fax the letter. I had to fax it the next day as the letter was at home on my home compuer. The next day she claimed she had not received all pages of the fax. I re-faxed it. She said she would send my letter to Sunwing and the resort Adventura Spa Palace. And over a week later that is all she did. She never once apologized that we had paid almost $4000 for a week for a horrible vacation. I am extremely disappointed in Yvonne and her company. I feel like they got my $$ and don't care now. What is the point of using a "professional" service if they just don't care about you??? It it really unfortunate because I have booked previous vacations (4) through this agency and was pleased with the service and vacations received. I previsouly dealt with Brigitta and Sara Silva who were great. I should have trusted my gut and dropped Yvonne and contacted one of them. I am so disappointed with this lack of service and treatment I will probably never use a travel agent again!!!!
    By Sandra Rawson, 30-03-2018

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