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    Worst tutoring I've ever been, they teach nothing, when I had questions to ask them, they told me to figure it out myself. All they do is give u the some homework go home and do them. I had to go twice a week, and all I do there is finish the assignment and let them mark it, if I got something wrong and I don't understand, They would never teach you how to do until you guess the answers. I don't wanna pay money for bunch of homework, the teachers there are all university or even Gr.12 students...
    By Jack Jiang, 30-03-2018
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    This is the worst bank I have been to in a very long time. I am standing in line for over 1/2 hour and still not served. The line up is to the door and they only have 2 agents. So what about all the people that are sitting around starring into space. If i didn't need to make this deposit i would leave, and even threw the ATM there is a 7 day wait for your money to be deposited. I will never come to this branch again.
    By Sterling Cunningham, 30-03-2018
  • Brenda Cheng is our realtor, she is extremely knowledgable about the Citadel Heights area and sold our home for the best price, Can you say bidding war? We bought into our new home, which was a challenge as the previous owners did not live in the country. We found them and bought our home. No surprises.
    By ElleBug Britt, 30-03-2018

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